The Car Rental Association of Namibia (CARAN), is a non-profit association of twenty-four members. The association’s objective is to protect clients and the car-rental industry against rental operators who offer sub-standard service and quality. Member companies must subscribe to minimum standards before they are accepted as members of the association.  


The Minimum Standards that our members must subscribe to are:

  • Be legally registered and comply with the requirements of the Namibian Tourism Board (NTB), act 21 of 2000.
  • Have a vehicle fleet consisting of at least five vehicles.
  • Vehicle age should not exceed 4.5 years.
  • Sedan vehicle mileage should not exceed 200,000km
  • 4x4 vehicles mileage should not exceed 250,000km
  • Companies should provide acceptable insurance cover
  • Companies should provide a 24-hour service in case of breakdowns or accidents.
  • Companies should service and maintain their vehicle fleet regularly to ensure operational safety and compliance with the roadworthy requirements.

The Namibian Government, through the Ministry of Environment and Tourism and the NTB, supports CARAN members via its marketing initiatives. 

The standards implemented by CARAN were necessitated to safeguard the interest’s self-drive tourists visiting Namibia as well as compliant vehicle rental companies.

CARAN, through its Exco, undertakes to immediately address problems that may arise concerning a vehicle that was rented from one of its members.


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